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3095 Mayfield Rd

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Our inventory includes a marvelous selection of beautifully crafted antique statues, figurines and sculpture from the highly detailed to the whimsical.  Origins include but are not limited to Germany, France, England, Italy, Japan and China.  Our collection boasts a wide and diverse array of pieces for every style, taste and need.

Statues, Figurines & Sculpture

Items include:

With our huge selection of high-quality items, you can't go wrong no matter what you choose

Artisan Antiques & Jewelry and Uptown Archeology are both located in the historic Rockefeller Building in Cleveland Heights at the intersection of Mayfield and Lee Roads:

3095 Mayfield Road (shop 1)


3113 Mayfield Road (shop 2)

  • Bronze, marble, porcelain

  • Wood carvings

  • Antique Japanese, Chinese

  • Female nudes, semi-nudes

  • Antique“Weirdo items”, devils, gargoyles, griffins, dragons, gargoyles


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